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Join us in 2019!

The 2019 Spring Meeting will be March 31 - April 3 at the InterContinental on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO.

Leader Summit | Sunday, April 8, 4:00-6:00 PM

Higher Education in the New Learning Economy

Download the presentation (PDF)

The steady drumbeat of critiques against higher education's value has led many leaders to ask how we can meet the needs of a changing world and better articulate the value of the education that we offer to students. This presentation examines current perceptions of higher education, the rise of the new learning economy and how we should respond to current trends and competitive pressures.

Presented by Carla Hickman, Managing Director, EAB

Collaboration Luncheons | Monday, April 9, 12:00-1:30 PM

Hallmarks of High-Performance Marketing 
Presented by Carla Hickman from EAB


Download the luncheon handout (PDF). 

Concurrent Session Presentations | Tuesday, April 10

Free Technology Tools for the Online Classroom 2.0

Ed Lovitt, Director of Educational Technology and Distance Learning, Johnson County Community College

Download the presentation (PDF)

We will explore how evolving technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be used with very inexpensive and available tools to support your courses.  In addition to free software, we will demonstrate the use of 360 cameras and microphones that can be used to capture and create your own 3D experiences.

Conflict Management in the Online Environment: Proactive and Reactive Best Practices

Lacey Finley, Assistant Professor of Management, Park University

Download the presentation (PDF)

This session will explore proactive measures to prevent conflict in the online learning environment with a focus on “The Big Three”:

  • Incorrect & Missed Assignment Submissions
  • Plagiarized Submissions
  • Communication Disconnect   

Additionally, responsive best practices to assist participants in modeling effective communication and address conflict with an emphasis on student growth will be highlighted. 

Exploring Our New Student Success Center

Amanda Burris, Lead Institution, Great Plains IDEA

The Great Plains IDEA Student Success Center is an online hub of resources to support the online academic and student experience.  The Success Center integrates articles and tools about time management, writing and research, career resources, and more to help students be successful.  This session will provide an opportunity to explore the revamped Student Success Center, and have conversations with your colleagues about how it can be utilized to benefit students.

This following presentation was canceled.  We hope to offer it as a webinar in the coming months.

Interpreting Google Analytics for Data-Informed Decision Making

We’ve all done it — we see a website with all the bells and whistles that we wish we had on our own website and automatically think we should emulate it for our organization, so we go for it. While imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, flattery won’t get you far in actively creating a long-lasting return on your marketing investment — and neither will building websites based solely off of our own opinions and/or individual user experience. 

In this session, we will:

  • Discuss the common pitfalls that often lead organizations to miss the opportunity to make data-informed decisions, particularly when it comes to website usability.
  • Dive into Google Analytics — how to prioritize and interpret the available reports to avoid analysis paralysis.
  • Discuss how to establish benchmarks in order to use analytics to measure the return on marketing investment.