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Spring 2021 Course Information
Grassland Plant Identification

Course Description
Study of forage and wildland plants that are important to grassland management and production. Focus of the course is the distribution, utilization, classification, and identification (including identification by vegetative and reproductive parts) of 150 key grassland species of the Great Plains. The environmental characteristics, uses, and plant communities of the major grassland types of the Great Plains are presented.

Cheryl Dunn
Office: 402-472-1953

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Common Grasses of Nebraska
Dunn, C., J. Stubbendieck and M. Stephenson
ISBN: EC05-170
Publisher: (free pdf: Links to an external site

Common Forbs and Shrubs of Nebraska
Dunn, C., J. Stubbendieck and M. Stephenson
ISBN: EC-118
Publisher: free pdf: Links to an external site

North American Wildland Plants
Stubbendieck, J., S.L. Hatch, N.M. Bryan and C. Dunn
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE

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