Swine Science Online Undergraduate Certificate

Program Summary
Cost per credit hour:

2020-2021: $420
2021-2022: $420

12 Hours

Mama pig sleeping among several piglets in an indoor stall with wood shavings on the ground.Swine Science Online is the first-ever online undergraduate program in swine science. Swine Science Online offers education and training of future pork professionals to benefit the pork industry by inspiring a career interest through academic training and application.  

This program brings together the U.S. Pork Center for Excellence with faculty from top animal science programs across the country.

The Swine Science Online vision is to ensure that the pork industry is led and managed by individuals who have broad educational and production experiences that have prepared them for these roles.  Swine Science Online teaches scientific principles and management skills involved in pork production for efficient and sustainable operation.

A certificate in swine science benefits those already working in the industry, as well as undergraduate students looking for a value-added experience to increase employability.

  • Swine Genetic Sales Consultant
  • Regional Swine Sales Manager
  • Swine Communications Coordinator
  • Swine Building construction
  • Swine Pharmaceuticals
  • Swine Production Management
  • Swine Feed Sales

Learn how Swine Science Online can transform your future!

Video courtesy of the U.S. Pork Center for Excellence.

All students who complete the 12-credit curriculum will be eligible to apply for an industry certificate in Swine Science through the U.S. Pork Center for Excellence or an academic certificate through South Dakota State University.

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An undergraduate certificate that offers education and training of future pork professionals.

Course List for Swine Science Certificate

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Molly Roush Student Excellence Award Recipient 2020.pngThe flexibility and affordable tuition rates were what first enticed me to apply to the Great Plains IDEA Community Development program, but finding real solutions to the issues I’m passionate about is what has made this program so rewarding!  In my opinion, the best aspect of this program is the diversity among students and faculty.  My peers, who live all over the country and in various places around the globe, have challenged me to develop a broader and more diverse understanding of ‘community’ and how common problems affect each unique community.  I’m not just learning how to address similar issues in similar locations but am learning to be creative and adapt development methods to create solutions based on each community’s unique culture and needs.

– – Molly Roush, Community Development Student
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