Incomplete Grades (P&P Section E.3.l)

An incomplete grade is assigned at the prerogative of the teaching faculty member and follows the grading policy of the teaching institution.  The instructor assigning the grade must work with the campus coordinator to initiate the Great Plains IDEA agreement for completion of coursework.

Download the Incomplete Grade Form (PDF).

Incomplete grade form. (See Appendix E.12, incomplete grade form.)  Copies of this completed form should be distributed to the student, the teaching institution campus coordinator, the home institution campus coordinator, the student’s academic advisor/major professor, and the instructor.  Home institution campus coordinators will follow the necessary procedures for recording/extending/changing the incomplete grade.  The student is responsible for meeting the deadline for completion. Time limits of the teaching institution for satisfactory completion of coursework will apply.  The appropriate campus administrator verifies the proposed timeline fits within the home university requirements (Campus coordinators can provide this information). Upon completion of the coursework, the student’s grade will be relayed from the course instructor to the teaching institution campus coordinator to the home institution campus coordinator (via ExpanSIS).  The home institution campus coordinator is responsible for any action needed to change the grade in the student’s home institution student information system.