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Wasser, Diane M.
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Contact Information:
Home University:

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
103 Ag Hall
CASNR Dean's Office
Lincoln, NE 68583-0702

University Profile

Programs involvement
Agricultural Systems Management Technology - Campus Coordinator
Community Development - Campus Coordinator
Food Safety & Defense - Campus Coordinator
Grassland Management - Campus Coordinator
Horticulture - Campus Coordinator
Quantitative Genetics & Genomics - Campus Coordinator


Diane joined the Great Plains IDEA team when the Community Development Program was established in the fall of 2005.  As programs in the Agricultural area have been added to the GP IDEA/Ag IDEA consortium, Diane has added those programs to her portfolio.  In 2012 she moved to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Dean’s office to help with the college online and distance education programs.  She currently is the Online Student Service Specialist for the college.  CASNR is involved in Community Development, Agricultural Mechanization Undergraduate, Food Safety and Defense Certificate, Grassland Certificate, the three Horticulture Certificates, Quantitative Genetics and Swine Science.  The best part of her my job is the interaction with students, faculty and administrators.   She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in Ag Leadership at UNL. 

She is a native Nebraskan, growing up on a farm in the Panhandle.  She married her husband, Mike, and moved to the big city or at least close to it; she has three acres just outside the city limits. It is what she calls her little piece of the farm.  She usually has a big garden and loves to share her produce with family and friends or canning it for use the whole year.  She has three children and three grandchildren.  She loves spoiling her three grandkids and enjoys being with family.


B.S. in progress in Agricultural Leadership, University of Nebraska-Lincoln