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Schad, Jessica
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Community Development - Instructor


Jessica Ulrich-Schad is an assistant professor of sociology and rural studies at South Dakota State University.  She has wide-ranging interests in understanding rural people and places, particularly the vulnerable populations within them. Some of her research has focused on concerns such as how amenity migration in rural United States of America leads to contested community identity and development, the structural and community-level factors that play a role in chronic poverty in communities in the U.S. and how U.S. farmers understand environmental issues associated with farming and subsequently navigate decisions to use soil and water conservation practices. 



Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Natural Resources Social Science Lab, Purdue University, 2014-2015

Ph.D. in Sociology with emphasis in Community and the Environment, University of New Hampshire, 2014 Sociology with emphasis in Inequality and Social Justice, University of Montana-Missoula, 2009

B.A. in Social Science with emphasis in Political Science, University of Montana-Western, 2005