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Leon Schumacher

Schumacher, Leon
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University of Missouri
207 Ag Engineering Building
Columbia, MO 65211

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Agricultural Systems Management and Technology Course Share - Instructor, Advisor


Leon Schumacher works and resides in Columbia, Mo. He teaches courses to agricultural systems management majors for the Department of Biological Engineering at the University of Missouri--Columbia. His hobbies include hunting and fishing (mostly fishing) and other related outdoor activities.

Schumacher’s research at MU has focused on energy conservation and the use of alternative fuels for diesel engines. He has demonstrated to Missouri farmers that standard maintenance procedures to the engine and proper ballasting of farm tractors can increase their efficiency, saving them both time and money and energy.

Since 1992, he has researched the use of a biodegradable, non-toxic, cleaner-burning fuel for diesel engines: biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from mono-alkyl esters of long-chain fatty acids. The fuel is derived from renewable lipid sources. Operationally, it performs similar to low-sulfur diesel in terms of power, torque and fuel economy. Biodiesel has good lubricity when compared to low-sulfur diesel. He anticipates, that economically, the production and use of biodiesel will enhance both rural and urban economies.


Ph.D. in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Mechanization, Iowa State University, 1987
M.S. in Agricultural Education and Vocational Education, North Dakota State University, 1984
B.S. in Agricultural Education and Physical Sciences, North Dakota State University, 1977