Financing College | Military-Connected Students

Military and Veterans Resources

Our member universities have resources available for military-connected students. Our member universities have resources available for military-connected students. Find contact information for your home university's Military & Veteran's Affairs office. 

Resources at Your Home University

A Common Price Across Member Universities

All member universities charge the same tuition fee for all Great Plains IDEA courses. We refer to this as the “common price.”  Students pay the common price per credit hour for graduate courses or undergraduate courses. It’s the same price for in-state and out-of-state students. Visit the Tuition and Cost page for more information.

Military Benefits

If you have active Veteran’s Affairs (VA) or other military benefits available, the cost of your classes may be covered. Your first stop to learn more about your benefits at your home university should be the Military & Veterans Affairs Office.  View our Military and Veterans Resources page to connect with people who can help.

Visit Military One Source for recommendations specific to those currently serving, military spouses, and veterans.

Transfer Credit Eligibility

Students can transfer credits from past coursework to assist in both saving on tuition and also shortening the time to program completion.  In most cases, students can petition to have credits transferred to their home university through an approval process. However, most universities limit the number of transfer credits for a program, including those taken as a non-degree student. If you have credits you are interested in transferring, contact your campus coordinator.


Another option to fund your education is scholarships, which are gift aid that does not need to be repaid. Scholarships can help to lessen the amount a student is personally responsible for paying or borrowing to cover tuition, fees, books, or housing. Visit the Finding Scholarships page for tips on how you can find the money for college.