Undergraduate Student

Graduation for an Undergraduate Student

One Year Before You Plan To Graduate

Get the checklist: Contact your academic advisor to verify you’re on track to meet all program requirements for your home university and obtain the checklist for graduating students.

Transfer courses (if necessary): If you’re transferring course work from another university, be sure your official transcripts arrive in your home university’s registrar’s office for evaluation.

Share your plan: Notify your campus coordinator which semester you plan to graduate to ensure you complete all steps to graduation.

Six Months Before You Plan To Graduate

Apply to graduate: Check in with your academic advisor to ask when you need to apply for graduation through your home university.

Explore Career Services: Research options at your home university’s career services. Find help with things like resume reviews, interview tips, and job search resources.

Consider graduate school: If you’re considering graduate school, begin your research now. Great Plains IDEA has several programs to choose from!

Three Months Before You Plan To Graduate

Decide how to celebrate: If you plan to participate in on-campus commencement, purchase or rent your graduation regalia (cap and gown) and ask about on-campus graduation receptions.
If you can’t make it to campus, some universities offer live streaming or virtual commencement.

Provide feedback: Complete the Great Plains IDEA program experience survey. The survey will be emailed to you during your final semester. Your feedback helps us improve our programs and the experiences of students.

Update your information: Update your contact information with your campus coordinator.

Join Great Plains IDEA on LinkedIn: We like to stay in touch with our alumni. We hope you’ll join us in the Great Plains IDEA LinkedIn group. Stay connected with faculty, fellow students and alumni through this professional networking site.