Great Plains IDEA provides a unique learning experience with many advantages for online students. Read below to see what students and faculty are saying, or see more testimonials from our students and faculty.

Gerontology Graduate  |  Carol Schwartz

"When I compared programs in gerontology nationally and what was available online, I found that the Great Plains IDEA program took the best talent of professors from various universities and highlighted their specific specialty in the gerontology courses they taught."

Early Care & Education for a Mobile Society Graduate  |  Jacy Phillips

"My dream as a little girl was always to be a teacher. While a lot of kids played house, or hopscotch, or rode their bike, I always dreamed of having my own classroom. So, these courses allowed me to pursue the dream that I had when I was a little girl."

Community Development Graduate  |  April-Dawn Knudsen

"I chose to be a student through the GP IDEA program because I really needed flexibility.  I live and work in rural Colorado and there are no higher education opportunities near me.  And so having a platform that was available 100% online was perfect for me to work and continue my lifestyle without having to commute really long distances to achieve my educational goals."

Early Care & Education for a Mobile Society Graduate  |  Angela Stagg

"I think anybody who is considering going back to school, continuing their education, or changing fields should definitely look into the program. There are so many opportunities that allow you to keep your normal lifestyle while completing your education at the same time that you can’t get in a traditional program setting. So this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to move forward with any degree."

What Benefits Students, Benefits Faculty | Carla Peterson, Iowa State University