Hear from Great Plains IDEA Program Students

Great Plains IDEA provides a unique learning experience with many advantages for online students. Read below to see what students and faculty are saying, or see more testimonials from our students and faculty.

Dietetics Student  |  Kathryn Holt

"The Great Plains IDEA program was a perfect fit for my schedule as it allowed me to work, travel, and learn on the go. The nature of the program fosters a flexible learning environment, and as a student, you have access to all the tools you need with any online portal. With multiple universities contributing to the course roster, there are numerous offerings which provide students with plenty of options to build their skill set."

Gerontology Graduate  |  Carol Schwartz

"When I compared programs in gerontology nationally and what was available online, I found that the Great Plains IDEA program took the best talent of professors from various universities and highlighted their specific specialty in the gerontology courses they taught."

Family and Community Services Student  |  Ana Treptow

"After three years of working with homeless women and families, I was instilled with a drive to support those dealing with crisis and trauma.  I knew that to increase my capacity to serve, I needed to further develop skills in program development, gain a greater sensitivity to the developmental needs of children and families, and grow within the field of human services."

Community Development Graduate  |  April-Dawn Knudsen

"I chose to be a student through the GP IDEA program because I needed flexibility.  I live and work in rural Colorado and there are no higher education opportunities near me.  And so having a platform that was available 100% online was perfect for me to work and continue my lifestyle without having to commute long distances to achieve my educational goals."

Early Care & Education for a Mobile Society Student  |  Angela Johnson

"I decided to return to school to finish my bachelor's degree after a long break. With four children and a full-time home childcare business, I knew I needed a flexible program.  In addition, I knew I wanted a degree that would be respected by future employers.  Great Plains IDEA met my requirements and campus coordinators made it a breeze for me to get started on my future!"