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Great Plains IDEA Webinar: Our Common Language
Introducing our values-based language to aid recruitment efforts

This webinar was presented on Thursday, September 13, 2018.

About this webinar:

This webinar explores the Great Plains IDEA content strategy.  Our brand promise and the platform it supports will provide a solid foundation upon which to advance a compelling, sustainable identity based on our unique competitive advantage.  All of the resources shared in this webinar are located in the Great Plains IDEA Member Portal

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Why a Content Strategy and What It Means (5:11) 
This section explains what a content strategy is, why Great Plains IDEA needs one, and how members across the alliance worked together to create one. 

How to Implement the Content Strategy Using the Brand Platform (10:17)
This section provides an in-depth explanation of each element of the Great Plains IDEA Brand Platform with a special focus on the resources and tools available to alliance members to help implement our common language.  Resources mentioned in this webinar include proof points that support value statements, testimonials available through the Great Plains IDEA YouTube Channel, facts and data from student and faculty surveys, and infographics created using market demand research from EAB. 

How to Explain Great Plains IDEA (3:58)
This section highlights resources to help alliance members explain Great Plains IDEA on webpages and in emails.  Using our common language, the management team has created numerous examples of ways to explain the alliance and how it works.  Each explanation has a different focus, from selling the learner benefits to emphasizing the multi-institution collaboration.  There are also examples of how to incorporate the common language into graphic elements that focus on our distinctive attributes.

Communication Tools and Templates (5:06)
This section highlights email templates available to Great Plains IDEA members.  These templates utilize recruitment best practices and our common language, saving alliance members’ time when answering questions from prospective students. Simply copy and paste the appropriate template into your email, change a few links and the contact information, then send to prospective students!

Critical Content for Your Website (5:54)
This section reviews a checklist for the most critical content Great Plains IDEA members should include on their websites.  Based on recent web audits and best practices, this checklist will help alliance members anticipate what prospective students are looking for when researching online graduate programs.

Who should watch this recording?

This webinar is for everyone who touches the work of Great Plains IDEA, even if it's once a month or once a year:

  • Faculty
  • Campus coordinators
  • Advisors
  • Website coordinators
  • Marketing coordinators
  • Functional teams


This webinar will be presented by several members of the Great Plains IDEA Management Team.