What is Great Plains IDEA?

The Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) is a consortium of renowned public universities from across the United States, offering online, flexible, and affordable degree and certificate programs across a range of subjects in human services and agriculture.

Great Plains IDEA provides educational freedom, creating rewarding pathways for lifelong learning, career advancement, and community growth in an ever-changing society.

Why Great Plains IDEA?

With Great Plains IDEA, there is one affordable common price per credit hour, and there are no out-of-state fees or distance delivery fees. This common price alleviates confusion around tuition, allowing you to confidently build a program that works with your schedule and goals.

Our diverse academic offerings cater to students of all backgrounds, delivering high-quality online programming through a progressive and collaborative effort by our member universities. Being able to take classes from more than one university provides you greater access to a range of programs that suit your interests and career aspirations. Learn more about the Great Plains IDEA member universities, who are working together to shape the future of education.

Great Plains IDEA offers all of our master’s and bachelor’s degrees and certificate programs entirely online, ensuring you are able to balance your education with your work and home responsibilities. With multiple universities offering courses, you can create a unique learning experience catered to your interests and goals.

Our renowned faculty bring diverse real-world experiences and advanced knowledge of their field of study. They understand the unique needs of adult online learners and will work diligently with you throughout the way to help ensure your success.

Achieve Dream Career Outcomes

Through our diverse career-focused programs made available through our reputable member universities, you can take the first step toward your dream future. Selecting from our flexible online course options allows you to specialize in your field of interest, expand your knowledge and perspective, and build the hands-on skills you need to achieve your career goals.

Our degree and certificate programs are designed especially for adults who need to balance family, work, and school, just like you. Furthermore, we have your back with an extensive support system, including our campus coordinators, that help you transition your learning beyond the online classroom into a rewarding career.

Hear more about the benefits of pursuing an academic program with Great Plains IDEA.

Virtual Community

The Great Plains IDEA virtual community is tight-knit and supportive. Despite differences in location, our faculty are highly attentive to student needs and will be able to help you on your path toward success. Your peers will challenge you to achieve your goals and learn new perspectives that will help you take your career to the next level. See more about what our students are saying below about their Great Plains IDEA experience!

Reuel Drilon is a student in the gerontology and aging studies program.As a non-traditional college student in my early 50s, living and working in the Pacific Island of Guam, choosing the right program for graduate studies was very important to me. The process of selecting the right program was intentional – it had to offer a diverse student population, professors with real-life experiences, a safe space to share cultural perspectives, and a curriculum that offered classes that were aligned with students’ educational and professional goals. The Great Plains IDEA program met and exceeded all my expectations. Concepts from every course have been applied in my profession to the extent that it has aided in the expansion of our services and the population we serve. As I reflect on these successes, I attribute much of it to the genuine care of the GP IDEA professors who were as passionate about the success of each student as they were in the subjects they taught. GP IDEA was definitely the right program for me!

– – Reuel C. Drilon, Gerontology and Aging Studies Graduate Student,

Take the Next Step with Great Plains IDEA

Great Plains IDEA provides an enriching online academic experience, fostering career development through our master’s and bachelor’s degrees and certificate programs across human services and agriculture. Our entirely online programs instructed by leading faculty from universities across the country provides you the flexibility to achieve your goals at a convenient time and place. Are you ready to get started?