Why choose Great Plains IDEA for an online Degree or Certificate?

The Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) is a consortium of 20 renowned public universities from across the United States, offering online master’s and bachelor’s degree and certificate programs in a range of in-demand human sciences and agriculture topics. All classes are taken entirely online, offering flexibility and convenience for working professionals and those balancing work, home, and academic responsibilities.

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Is Great Plains IDEA right for you?

If you are thinking about starting an online degree or certificate program but are unsure if Great Plains IDEA is right for you, consider the following reflections.

  • Are you a working professional who needs a convenient, flexible, and high-quality online degree that you can complete anytime, anywhere?
  • Are you ready to invest in your future through earning a bachelor's degree, master’s degree, or certificate from expert faculty members who bring real-life experience to the coursework?
  • Are you nervous about returning to school and looking to partner with faculty and staff who provide a student-centered, collaborative educational experience?

If you answered yes to these questions, Great Plains IDEA is here to partner with you on your academic journey.

Listen to campus coordinator Katie Mott explain the unique aspects of Great Plains IDEA programs.

The Great Plains IDEA Advantage

Great Plains IDEA offers an unparalleled personalized online academic experience—from admission through graduation. Every step of the way you will be supported, allowing for you to get started pursuing your goals quicker. 

Listen as Lona Robertson from the University of Arkansas dives into the benefits of a Great Plains IDEA education in the video below.

Anytime, Anywhere Online Learning

Achieve your personal and professional goals through convenient, high-quality online coursework you can complete anytime, anywhere. All courses are offered entirely online, fitting seamlessly within your schedule. 

Through this online format, your professors provide access to endless academic resources, deepening your understanding of course concepts, and strengthening your ability to conduct research and utilize the wealth of information available to you to advance your career. 

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Renowned Universities and Distinguished Faculty

Great Plains IDEA offers you the unique opportunity to take classes from multiple, renowned universities within a single degree or certificate program. Each of our member universities holds regional accreditation, ensuring you receive a high-quality online education.

Our faculty members are scholar-practitioners who are experts in their field and have extensive experience that they bring to the online classroom. With an average class size of 14, you will have their full attention; they will know your name and closely follow your progress. 

As Great Plains IDEA faculty hail from well-known institutions across the country, you will expand your professional network through close collaboration with your professors who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the coursework.

Prioritizing Student Success

Choosing Great Plains IDEA for your academic journey means partnering with faculty and staff from multiple universities who provide a student-centered educational experience. They care deeply about your success and will collaborate with you, and their peers at fellow member institutions, to ensure you achieve your goals.

Our collaborative approach to sharing resources and expertise encourages a space for creativity among faculty and students which provides opportunities to shape the future of higher education. 

One Place to Call Home

You will choose one university to be your home university as part of the Great Plains IDEA admission process. Once admitted, you work directly with a campus coordinator who helps you get started with online learning and enroll in a best-fit course sequence taught by our member universities. 

They are also there to assist you at any time throughout your time as a student, linking you to the resources you need at your home university to be successful. This unwavering support of caring staff members removes the stress from taking the leap to start an online degree or certificate program.

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Built on a Mission of Collaboration

There are many online degree programs available in the higher education marketplace today. However, Great Plains IDEA stands out among the field with our foundation of academic and resource collaboration across all member institutions, staff, and faculty.

Listen as Shiretta Ownbey, faculty member from Oklahoma State University, explains the unique collaboration you will experience through Great Plains IDEA.

Career-Advancing Programs Not Available Anywhere Else

Through Great Plains IDEA, you are able to receive enriching online instruction in high-demand professional fields from faculty across the country. Because of this, our online degrees and certificates in human sciences and agriculture include one-of-a-kind courses that our member universities could not offer alone, reflecting our student-centric approach and commitment to close faculty collaboration that maximizes your career advancement.

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Dedicated to Streamlined Affordability

As a student in a Great Plains IDEA degree or certificate program, you benefit from one common price for tuition regardless of the program or if you are in-state or out-of-state from your home university. This streamlines your investment in your academic and professional goals, alleviating confusion in navigating the tuition and financial aid process.

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Get Started on Your Goals with Great Plains IDEA

Enrolling in an online master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or certificate program through Great Plains IDEA is your first step toward advancing your career and creating a fulfilling future. You will benefit from an engaging online academic experience, clear processes, and relentless support from our collaborative faculty and staff members.

Contact our team if you have questions about our programming at 785-532-1999 or alliance@ksu.edu. If you’re ready to take the first step, apply now!