2019-2020 Student IDEA Board Members


The Student IDEA Board is an advisory board comprised of students from various programs who work closely with members of the alliance to:

  • develop new ideas and provide feedback and insights on Great Plains IDEA initiatives
  • help Great Plains IDEA achieve its mission to serve learners from diverse backgrounds through a virtual community
  • enhance the virtual learning environment for the Great Plains IDEA community


Student IDEA Board Members serve a one-year term starting in the Fall semester.  For questions about the IDEA Board, contact Amanda Burris.

Emaly Ball

Emaly Ball | Family & Community Services

University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Laura Brubaker

Laura Brubaker | Early Care & Education

Texas Tech University


Chuckie Hessong

Chuckie Hessong | Community Development

Kansas State University


Summer Red

Summer Red | Family Financial Planning

Montana State University


Barbara Scully

Barbara Scully | FCS Education

Central Washington University


Camille Thurston

Camille Thurston | Family & Community Services

Oklahoma State University