Student IDEA Board

The Student IDEA Board

The Student IDEA Board is an advisory board comprised of students from various programs who work closely with members of the alliance to:

  • develop new ideas and provide feedback and insights on Great Plains IDEA initiatives
  • help Great Plains IDEA achieve its mission to serve learners from diverse backgrounds through a virtual community
  • enhance the virtual learning environment for the Great Plains IDEA community

Student IDEA Board Members serve a one-year term starting in the Fall semester.  Direct questions about the IDEA Board to Kathryn Harth.

Apply Today to Join the 2021-2022 Student IDEA Board

We are currently accepting applications for the 2021-22 Student IDEA Board. Learn more about the application process, qualifications to apply, and how the board supports Great Plains IDEA (PDF). The deadline to complete the application form is Friday, August 27.

2020-2021 IDEA Board Members

Mohamed Abdelmonem, Youth Development, Texas Tech University

Melissa Brown-Dinkins, Gerontology, Texas Tech University

Kenneth Edwards, Community Development, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Danette Fessler, Family & Community Services, University of Missouri

Rhia Garza, Family & Community Services, Oklahoma State University

Amanda Harris, Family Financial Planning, Montana State University

Christopher Hohnholt, Grassland Management, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Joey Vanek, Family & Consumer Sciences Education, Oklahoma State University

Carol Kniss, Family Financial Planning, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Fatima Nicholson, Community Development, University of Nebraska - Lincoln