2019-2020 Student IDEA Board Members


The Student IDEA Board is an advisory board, which provides students an opportunity to gain leadership experience while contributing to the continued improvement of Great Plains IDEA.  The Student IDEA Board, comprised of six students from various programs, works closely with members of the alliance to provide new ideas and feedback to programs and the management team.

Student IDEA Board Members serve a one-year term starting in the Fall semester.  For questions about the IDEA Board, contact Amanda Burris.

Emaly Ball

Emaly Ball | Family & Community Services

University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Laura Brubaker

Laura Brubaker | Early Care & Education

Texas Tech University


Chuckie Hessong

Chuckie Hessong | Community Development

Kansas State University


Summer Red

Summer Red | Family Financial Planning

Montana State University


Barbara Scully

Barbara Scully | FCS Education

Central Washington University


Camille Thurston

Camille Thurston | Family & Community Services

Oklahoma State University