Great Plains IDEA Awards

Great Plains IDEA recognizes community members who enrich the alliance and leave a lasting impact. Award winners are announced at the Great Plains IDEA annual meeting.

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Friend of Great Plains IDEA

GP IDEA logo with just colored linksEstablished in 2006, the Friend of the Great Plains IDEA honors individuals who make a significant contribution to the alliance. Friend award winners strengthen the structure, improve operations, develop new processes, and increase the visibility of the alliance. Friends of Great Plains IDEA demonstrate exceptional leadership and play a pivotal role in the alliance. 


Richard Bischoff, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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Faculty Excellence Award

GP IDEA logo with just colored linksEstablished in 2011, the Faculty Excellence Award recognizes a significant contribution of faculty in a Great Plains IDEA academic program. Award winners devote time, energy, and resources to enhancing the alliance academic community. Faculty Excellence Award winners develop creative courses and mentoring programs or make a significant impact on teaching in a Great Plains IDEA program. 


Mari Borr, North Dakota State University

Greg Clare, Oklahoma State University

Gary Goreham, North Dakota State University

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