Online Courses in Agricultural Systems Management and Technology

Program Summary
Cost per credit hour:

2021-2022:  Graduate $590 | Undergraduate $420

3 Hours

3 Hours

The Agricultural Systems Management and Technology program is a course-share supported by four universities, each with a strong presence in the agricultural world.

How does it work?

Courses are taught by experts from around the nation through a partnership called AG IDEA.  You will interact with students from other universities as well as your own through innovative, hands-on lab activities.  Taking courses online will provide you the flexibility to complete course work when and where it is convenient for you.

Field of golden wheat on a beautiful day with a combine pouring the harvest into a grain truck.

Courses cover a variety of areas.

  • Renewable energy
  • Agriculture safety and health
  • Bioprocesses
  • Precision farming systems
  • Agriculture technology
  • Grain quality, drying, and storage
  • And more! Visit the Graduate Program Courses page and the Undergraduate Program Courses page to see a list of all courses currently offered.

What will I learn in these courses?

  • Learn how technology can benefit a farm’s financial sustainability, and then create a plan to implement new technology into an existing farm operation.
  • Hear about current trends in ag technology from guest speakers representing Pioneer, John Deere, AGCO, and Ag Leader.
  • Learn to utilize satellites, GPS systems, and drones.
  • Take your data analysis one step farther by integrating the data with precision agriculture hardware and software.
  • Develop, create, and implement safety and health programs, learn strategies to reduce accidents, and understand the laws and regulations of agriculture safety and health.
  • Discover how technology can help producers and elevators address the critical issues of grain quality, drying, and storage.

AG IDEA Student Handbook

Undergraduate courses in the areas of renewable energy, agriculture and food safety, grain preservation, and machinery management and technology.

List of Courses

Graduate courses available in the areas of renewable energy, agriculture and food safety, grain preservation and machinery management and technology.

List of Courses

University Contact
These campus coordinators can help you navigate Great Plains IDEA. Click on the university name to learn more about how Great Plains IDEA works at that campus. Callie Gitch
Ashley Schultz
Janice Clawson
Melissa Sailors
University Members
Members of the Great Plains IDEA are universities accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Member universities recruit, admit and graduate students, teach in an academic program and contribute to the leadership and maintenance of the alliance. Membership in the alliance is a selective process that engages institutional leadership at all levels.

Molly Roush Student Excellence Award Recipient 2020.pngThe flexibility and affordable tuition rates were what first enticed me to apply to the Great Plains IDEA Community Development program, but finding real solutions to the issues I’m passionate about is what has made this program so rewarding!  In my opinion, the best aspect of this program is the diversity among students and faculty.  My peers, who live all over the country and in various places around the globe, have challenged me to develop a broader and more diverse understanding of ‘community’ and how common problems affect each unique community.  I’m not just learning how to address similar issues in similar locations but am learning to be creative and adapt development methods to create solutions based on each community’s unique culture and needs.

– – Molly Roush, Community Development Student
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