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Management Team

Photo of Chelsea Barbercheck

Chelsea Barbercheck

Implement alliance policies. Coordinate the cabinet and the boards. Manage alliance and lead institution operations, including financials and communications.

Photo of Amanda Burris

Amanda Burris

Coordinate course improvement. Distribute surveys and analyze data. Expand lead institution student services.

Photo of Amanda Gnadt

Amanda Gnadt

Coordinates AG IDEA programs. Facilitate course scheduling and ExpanSIS. Support department chairs.

Photo of Kathryn Harth

Kathryn Harth

Coordinate the annual conference. Support member university recruiting efforts, including our EAB membership. Maintain the alliance website.

Photo of Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones

Coordinate program assessment. Maintain fiscal information. Manage alliance logistics.

Photo of Rachel Ohmes

Rachel Ohmes

Support all campus coordinators. Oversee ExpanSIS training, enrollment and wait list management. Support K-State Great Plains IDEA program learners and faculty.

Kansas State University