The Great Plains IDEA serves the vision of higher education in which strategic inter-institutional academic alliances allow institutions working together to field academic programs that are greater in reach and significance than any single institution could field alone, that manage institutional and shared resources in highly efficient ways, and that enrich the teaching experience for faculty and the learning experience for students.


The mission of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) is to serve the faculty and administrators of member institutions by offering workshops, recommending standards, sharing practices and disseminating policy issues and recommendations to allow member institutions to offer educational programs with other institutions more easily and thereby give students and professionals more access to high-quality educational experiences.


  • Provide quality educational programs for human sciences and agriculture professionals at distance sites.
  • Develop a model collaboration that can be replicated successfully by other consortia.
  • Contribute to the scholarship on distance education in order to advance the endeavor for all.
  • Offer opportunities that make teaching invigorating for faculty and learning engaging for students.