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Photo of Duane Dowd

Duane Dowd

Family & Consumer Sciences Education

Central Washington University

Photo of Carl Weems

Carl Weems

Early Care & Education, Family Financial Planning, Gerontology, Youth Development

Iowa State University

Photo of Sonya Lutter

Sonya Lutter

Family and Community Services, Youth Development

Kansas State University

Photo of Francisco A. Villarruel

Francisco A. Villarruel

Associate Chair
Early Care & Education, Family & Community Services, Youth Development

Michigan State University

Photo of Christine Proulx

Christine Proulx

Early Care and Education, Family and Community Services, Gerontology, Youth Development

University of Missouri


Julia Torquati

Early Care and Education for a Mobile Society, Family & Community Services, Family & Consumer Sciences Education, Family Financial Planning, Youth Development

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Photo of Joel Hektner

Joel Hektner

Family Financial Planning, Gerontology, Youth Development

North Dakota State University

Photo of Chris Ray

Chris Ray

Family & Consumer Sciences Education

North Dakota State University

Photo of Sissy Osteen

Sissy Osteen

Early Care & Edu, Family & Community Services, FCS Education, Family Financial Planning, Gerontology

Oklahoma State University

Photo of Jane Hegland

Jane Hegland

Family Financial Planning, Merchandising

South Dakota State University

Photo of Karen Alexander

Karen Alexander

Family & Consumer Sciences Education

Texas Tech University

Photo of Ann Mastergeorge

Ann Mastergeorge

Early Care & Education, Gerontology, Youth Development

Texas Tech University