Online Master's Degree in Agricultural Education

Program Summary
Cost per credit hour:

2023-2024: $600
2024-2025: $610
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Average time to complete: 24 months

30–36 Hours

The online master’s degree in Agricultural Education provides the knowledge and skills you need to be able to inform people about the importance of the agriculture industry and its many working sectors. It is designed for those who educate others about agriculture in both formal and informal settings across private, nonprofit, and community institutions.

Graduates of the program have advanced research skills and are prepared to design educational and training programs and lead diverse, interdisciplinary teams in efforts that positively influence the future of agriculture.

Why study Agricultural Education through AG IDEA?

The online Agricultural Education master’s degree provides you the opportunity to advance your career and education on your own terms. The program offers many elective options that complement the core coursework, allowing you to tailor your degree experience to your strengths and career aspirations. 

Your degree will be awarded from your home university; degree and certificate titles vary by member university. As a student in the program offered through AG IDEA, your courses are taught by faculty experts in agricultural education from across reputable institutions nationwide. This benefit of the program increases your access to the leading theories in agricultural pedagogy, providing a unique and unparalleled online academic experience. 

Structured to fit seamlessly and conveniently into the schedule of working professionals, the AG IDEA online master’s degree aims to enable students to balance career advancement with professional, social, and financial commitments.

Furthermore, AG IDEA cares deeply about providing an affordable high-quality online education, offering a common price per credit hour through all member universities.

Shannon Spencer is a master's student in the ag ed program."The Great Plains IDEA program has allowed me the flexibility to continue my education while also being a full-time extension agent and mother to twin boys. The program has given me the opportunity to interact with students and teaching professionals from various universities that I may have never met. This program has allowed me to focus not only on my education but also on my profession and family and for that, I will be forever grateful."
Shannon Spencer, agricultural education master's student, and recipient of the 2023 Student Excellence Award

Core Content Areas of the Master's Degree Curriculum

The online master's degree in Agricultural Education can be completed in as little as 24 months and covers 30-36 credit hours depending on your home university's program completion requirements.

The Agricultural Education master’s degree curriculum is rooted in the following four core conceptual areas that build a strong foundation for success in the ag education field. Each of the core content areas are offered on a regular basis, ensuring you can build a course sequence tailored to your needs and interests.

Elective courses are offered by the participating universities to round out the degree curriculum, allowing you to select from a list of courses and specialize in an area that aligns with your career goals. You can work directly with your home university’s academic advisor and faculty to develop a best-fit plan of study.

Foundations of Agricultural Education

The Foundations of Agricultural and Education course provides an overview of the development of agricultural and extension education in the United States by examining the significant educational philosophies, historical events, scientific innovations, legislation, and policy shaping agricultural and extension education today.

Research Methods in Agricultural Education

Research methods focus on the principles, practices, and strategies for conducting research in the social sciences, particularly dealing with the interface of the human dimension in the agricultural and natural sciences.

Principles of Teaching and Learning

Principles of teaching and learning covers the concepts, methods, strategies, and learning theories relevant for both formal and non-formal education settings. The relationship between teaching methods and the learning experience in food, agricultural, and natural resources contexts will also be addressed.

Program Planning and Evaluation

Program development and evaluation aids students in developing and evaluating educational programs for agricultural, community, and extension audiences in formal and non-formal settings. Emphasis is placed on the principles, theories, and skills of the program development and evaluation process. This includes planning, designing, implementing, measuring, and communicating program impact.

Review the complete Master's Degree Curriculum

Hannah Adame is a graduate of the agricultural education master's programAs a full-time high school Ag teacher, FFA Advisor, and two-sport coach, I excelled in the flexibility and structure of the Great Plains IDEA program. This program has allowed me to balance my school workload with my profession and responsibilities at the school. I have also benefited from the ability to apply what I am learning to my classroom and have shared my teaching experiences with classmates to create an integrated, immersive learning experience for others and myself." Hannah Adame, agricultural education graduate, and 2022 Student Excellence Award recipient.

Agricultural Education Program Outcomes

Through this program, you will learn the importance of theory and research and the ways that they can help you in your current role or in advancing your career in secondary and higher education, community development, and training in professional organizations. 

There are a range of professional opportunities available to Agricultural Education graduates, including many beyond traditional classroom teaching. Graduates of the program have gone on to fulfilling roles such as:

  • Classroom teacher
  • Extension educator
  • Communications professional
  • Public relations specialist
  • Curriculum developer
  • Environmental educator
  • Trade association coordinator
  • Congressional staffer
  • Educational specialist
  • International agricultural development specialist
  • Program manager
  • Producer
  • Sales associate
  • Outreach coordinator
  • Professional development specialist

Regan Culp is a student in the ag ed master's program"Studying through Great Plains IDEA has allowed me to network with faculty across the nation to gain the best distance education possible. By offering an array of courses, students are connected with a variety of qualified faculty that strive to provide the best online learning environment and create relationships with their students. By taking courses through GP IDEA, I have had the opportunity to share my research ideas and receive feedback from numerous academics to better my work. I am being taught by professors who truly care and strive for success with all of their students." Regan Culp, ag ed master's student, and recipient of the 2022 Student Excellence Award

Program Information at Participating Universities

In the Agricultural Education program, eight universities work together to bring a unique academic experience, allowing you to get the best from our member universities.

The following member universities offer the online master’s degree in Agricultural Education and hold regional accreditation:

All AG IDEA member universities are accredited by regional agencies, aligning with requirements set by the U.S. Department of Education. This ensures that AG IDEA students receive the highest standard of academic excellence. Learn more about the accreditation of our member universities.

Influence the Future of Agriculture through an Ag Education Master's Degree

AG IDEA’s online Agricultural Education master’s degree prepares you for a rewarding career educating others about the importance of agriculture in our current and future society. You will learn to be an effective communicator, creative and critical thinker, and leader in the field.

Advance your career in agricultural education by applying now!

This online master's degree is designed for those who educate others about agriculture in both formal and informal settings across private, nonprofit, and community institutions.

Course List for the Master's Degree

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– – Shaojun Huang, Family Financial Planning Graduate,
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