Human Sciences
Online Community Development Master's Degree

An online master's degree for passionate community leaders, practitioners, and those working to help communities and regions build their capacity for an inclusive, sustainable future. Learn more about the online community development master's degree.

Online Dietetics Master's Degree

This online master's degree is designed to prepare Registered Dietitian and Nutritionists to practice at an advanced level in one of the most dynamic and versatile of the health-related professions. Find out more about the Dietetics program.

Online Early Care and Education Bachelor's Degree

An online bachelor's degree completion program designed to prepare educators to work in early childhood settings with young children, especially those whose family members are highly mobile. Learn more about this unique program.

Online Family Financial Planning Master of Science Degree and Graduate Certificates

An online master's degree and two graduate certificates composed of courses in investing, insurance, retirement, tax planning, and financial counseling. Learn more about our financial planning program.

Online Gerontology Master's Degree

An online master's degree and graduate certificate for compassionate people who work directly with older persons or on behalf of older persons. Go to the Gerontology program page to learn more.

Online Master's in Family and Community Services

An online master's degree that focuses on understanding family and community dynamics, delivering quality services, and managing programs. Visit the Family and Community Services webpage to learn more.

Online Master's in Family and Consumer Sciences

Two online masters degree options for people who want to help others improve their well-being and quality of life.  Say Yes to FCS whether you plan to teach in the classroom, be a trainer in the corporate world, or work in Extension Services. Visit the FCS webpage to learn more.

Online Merchandising Master's Degree

An online master's degree and a graduate certificate designed to provide a global perspective with a focus on the interaction of cultural, economic, political, social, and environmental systems as they relate to the soft goods industry. Learn more about the Merchandising program.

Online Youth Development Master's Degree

An online master's degree and two graduate certificates focused on positive youth development, working with a diverse population of youth, designing effective youth programs, and advocating for pro-youth policies. Learn more about our Youth Development program.

Agricultural and Environmental Law

This unique undergraduate certificate from AG IDEA focuses on legal issues that arise in agriculture, rural communities, and the food industry. Learn how this certificate can complement an undergraduate degree.

Agricultural Systems Management and Technology

Undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of renewable energy, agriculture and food safety, grain preservation, and machinery management and technology. See a course list and learn more.

Online Agricultural Education Master's Degree

An online master's degree designed for individuals who educate others about agriculture in both formal and informal settings. Learn more about how this program can help you.

Online Animal Science Graduate Certificate

An online graduate certificate designed to provide students with foundational knowledge across the many facets of animal science. Learn more about the Animal Science Graduate Certificate.

Online Food Safety & Defense Graduate Certificate

This online graduate certificate will prepare you to help with protecting the human food supply. Learn more about Food Safety and Defense.

Online Grassland Management Graduate Certificate

This online graduate certificate provides current and future grassland professionals a well-rounded curriculum focused on the conservation, utilization, and sustainability of managed grassland systems. Go to the Grassland Management page to learn more.  

Online Horticulture Graduate Certificates

Three online graduate-level certificates provide flexibility for students seeking to gain knowledge and enhance their skill sets in horticulture. Learn more on the Horticulture Certificate page.

Online Swine Science Undergrad Certificate

An online undergraduate certificate that offers well-rounded education and training of future pork professionals. Learn how to enroll on the Swine Science webpage.

Quantitative Genetics and Genomics

Online graduate-level courses in animal breeding and genetics that combine theory with application to solve real-world problems. Learn more about this program.