Human Sciences
Community Development

A master's degree for community leaders, practitioners and those working to help communities and regions build their capacity for an inclusive, sustainable future.


A master's degree designed to prepare Registered Dietitian and Nutritionists to practice at an advanced level in one of the most dynamic and versatile of the health-related professions.

Early Care & Education for a Mobile Society

A bachelor's degree designed to prepare educators to work in early childhood settings with young children, especially those whose family members are highly mobile.

Family & Community Services

A master's degree that focuses on the development and implementation of public, private and voluntary support services for individuals, families and localities, and that prepares individuals to function in a variety of occupations promoting family life and family and community well-being.

Family & Consumer Sciences Education

Two master degree options focused on curriculum planning, student engagement and analyzing the historical and philosophical underpinnings of FCS Education.

Family Financial Planning

A master's degree and two graduate certificates composed of courses in investing, insurance, retirement, tax planning and financial counseling prepare financial planners to assist individuals and families in meeting their financial goals.


A master's degree and a graduate certificate in the study of physical, mental and social changes in older people, with the opportunity to investigate changes in society resulting from the aging population.


A master's degree and graduate certificate designed to provide a global prospective with a focus on the interaction of cultural, economic, political, social, and environmental systems as they relate to the soft goods industry.

Youth Development

A master's degree and two graduate certificates focused on positive youth development, enabling youth to become socially, emotionally and cognitively competent adults.

Agricultural & Environmental Law

An undergraduate certificate that focuses on legal issues that arise in agriculture, rural communities and the food industry.

Agricultural Education

A master's degree designed for individuals who educate others about agriculture in both formal and informal settings.

Agricultural Systems Management and Technology

Undergraduate and graduate courses available in the areas of renewable energy, agriculture and food safety, grain preservation and machinery management and technology.

Animal Science

A graduate certificate designed to provide students with foundational knowledge across the many facets of animal science.

Food Safety & Defense

This graduate certificate will prepare you to help with protecting the human food supply. 

Grassland Management

This graduate certificate provides current and future grassland professionals a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on conservation, utilization and sustainability of managed grassland systems.  


Three graduate level certificates provide flexibility for students seeking to gain knowledge and enhance their skill sets in horticulture.

Quantitative Genetics & Genomics

Graduate level courses in animal breeding and genetics.

Swine Science Online

An undergraduate certificate that offers education and training of future pork professionals.