Online Animal Science Graduate Certificate

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Cost per credit hour:

2023-2024: $600
2024-2025: $610
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15 Hours

The Animal Science graduate certificate is designed to provide you with courses in the major disciplinary areas of animal science. The goal of the program is to offer foundation courses across many facets of animal science, serving as a basis for further study in one of the disciplines or in a particular animal species.

Is this certificate right for me?

Our courses include a wide variety of students.  You may be right for this certificate program if you:

  • Work in the animal science industries.
  • Have a bachelor of science degree in animal science or closely related field.
  • Work for an animal production company.
  • Have a job title such as vet tech, zookeeper, animal control officer, animal care or lab technician, quality assurance, inspector, or sales representative.
  • Need additional education to advance in your career.
  • Teach agriculture classes in high schools and community colleges.
  • Are preparing to apply to vet school and want an opportunity to strengthen your content knowledge.
  • Are in the middle of a master’s degree or Ph.D. program and looking for supplemental courses.

You may choose to use this certificate as a stepping stone to begin your master’s degree in Animal Science.

Black and white dairy cows in a small fenced area.

What will I learn through this program?

Topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Breeding and genetics
  • Meat science
  • Animal physiology
  • Growth and development
  • Animal production and management

 Courses offered through this program may be combined with courses from closely affiliated AG IDEA programs to create areas of emphasis.

Nutrition Emphasis Animal Genetics Emphasis Beef Cattle Production & Management Emphasis Meat Science Emphasis
  • Applied Ruminant Nutrition
  • Advanced Non-Ruminant Nutrition
  • Advanced Equine Nutrition
  • Animal Growth and Development
  • Advanced Selection of Domestic Animals and Evaluation
  • Use of Breeds of Livestock
  • Advanced Beef Production
  • Applied Ruminant Nutrition
  • Principles of Forage Quality
  • Animal Growth and Development
  • Meat science
  • Growth and development

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To see a full list of courses available, visit the Program Courses page. Students should consult their academic advisor at their home university before enrolling. 

AG IDEA Student Handbook

Certificate titles vary by university.  Consult each university for the certificate title as it will appear on the diploma.

A graduate certificate designed to provide students with foundational knowledge across the many facets of animal science.

Course List for Animal Science Certificate

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Reuel Drilon is a student in the gerontology and aging studies program.As a non-traditional college student in my early 50s, living and working in the Pacific Island of Guam, choosing the right program for graduate studies was very important to me. The process of selecting the right program was intentional – it had to offer a diverse student population, professors with real-life experiences, a safe space to share cultural perspectives, and a curriculum that offered classes that were aligned with students’ educational and professional goals. The Great Plains IDEA program met and exceeded all my expectations. Concepts from every course have been applied in my profession to the extent that it has aided in the expansion of our services and the population we serve. As I reflect on these successes, I attribute much of it to the genuine care of the GP IDEA professors who were as passionate about the success of each student as they were in the subjects they taught. GP IDEA was definitely the right program for me!

– – Reuel C. Drilon, Gerontology and Aging Studies Graduate Student,
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