Annual Conference | Great Plains IDEA

Let's Meet Online! March 1 - March 3, 2021

2021 Annual Conference will be held in a virtual format.

Making this decision so far in advance provides the management team time to plan an exceptional conference, gives faculty plenty of notice to modify syllabi, and allows the entire Alliance community to block off all of the time needed to give their full attention to this conference.

We encourage you to treat this as you would an in-person conference and save the following dates for our annual meeting.

Monday, March 1
Tuesday, March 2
Wednesday, March 3

What is the annual conference?

The Great Plains IDEA annual conference brings together administrators, faculty, staff, and campus coordinators to collaborate, celebrate, and learn. Workshops and speakers provide support in areas such as best practices in online instruction, technology resources, and student services.

What are the benefits of attending the annual conference?

  • Faculty groups meet to review curriculum, course schedules, and share best practices.
  • Campus coordinators meet to share resources for supporting students.
  • Functional teams meet as needed to provide recommendations to the cabinet and boards of directors.  Functional teams include department heads/chairs, disability support services, registrars, finance officers, graduate deans, and continuing education.
  • Alliance leadership meets to review policies and procedures.  This includes the Human Sciences Board of Directors, the Agricultural Board of Directors, and the Cabinet.
  • Students are welcome to attend program meetings and visit with faculty groups.

What do our members say about the conference?

"I feel that the opportunities to interact with faculty in my program were the most outstanding aspect of this event."

"This was my first conference.  I've been told before it's good to attend, but it always felt like a "should" competing with my other spring conferences.  BUT, it is really valuable and worth altering other commitments to participate!"