Designing for Growth | EAB Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop: Designing for Growth - Exploring Alternative Credentials for Your Program

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM Central Time on Zoom

This hands-on, virtual workshop will take a look at the alternative and short format credential market and help you separate hype from reality.  We will use case studies and scenarios focused on aligning credentials to the needs and motivations of prospective students. Set aside a couple of hours this summer to join us in exploring alternative ways to help students achieve their career goals.

Watch a recording of the presentation via our Member Portal  

What do you mean by alternative credentials?

We traditionally refer to these as certificates, but they can also include badges, bootcamps, mini degrees, specializations, and many more. During the workshop, we’ll learn how certificates are performing in higher education, as well as look at what some employers are creating for their own workforce, and how alternative providers are stepping up to the plate.

Who should attend?

This opportunity is exclusively for faculty, staff, and administration at Great Plains IDEA and AG IDEA member universities. Please forward this invitation to others on your campus who might benefit from learning more about alternative credentials (staff at the graduate school, continuing education units, etc.).

For those who participate in our academic programs, there will be breakout time for brainstorming and discussion. It will be beneficial to have several faculty members from your program attend with you – so spread the word and bring friends!

Already offer a certificate in your program?

This workshop will give you the opportunity to review your current approach to ensure it is meeting students’ needs and provide resources to help make changes if needed.

Thinking about applying for Next Great Idea funding?

For those in the human sciences programs, this workshop will include time for program faculty to brainstorm an approach that fits your students’ needs while using a checklist of key decisions and internal considerations to accelerate implementation.

This workshop is brought to you through our membership with the Education Advisory Board (EAB).

Presenter: Max Milder is a researcher at EAB specializing in continuing and online education as well as academic affairs. As a director, he leads EAB’s organizational design work for online education and recent research on employer and industry partnerships. He also leads EAB’s partnership with REACH Inc. to provide local DC students with high-impact college and career pathway mentorship. Max has worked with Great Plains IDEA throughout our six-year membership with EAB, including a keynote presentation at our annual conference in Kansas City.

Questions? Contact Kathryn Harth.