Is Distance Education Right for You?

Whether you are new to online education or have tried online courses, you may be asking:

How will I make time for school in my already busy life?

Managing school along with other responsibilities such as work and family can be challenging. However, one of many benefits of online courses is participating on your own time without the limits of a traditional classroom.

Visit our FAQ webpage to learn more about making time for online education.

How do online classes compare to a traditional classroom experience?

Online classes provide a different yet engaging experience. Instead of sitting in a classroom, students use an online Learning Management System (LMS) to access course material and interact with instructors and classmates.

Learn more about the Learning Management Systems at member universities.

Is distance education equal to taking classes on campus?

Students earn degrees through Great Plains IDEA programs with the same university standards as on-campus programs. Accredited and highly respected universities offer the programs. Exceptional faculty teach the courses.

How will earning my degree change my life?

"I chose to be a student through the GP IDEA program because I really needed flexibility.  I live and work in rural Colorado and there are no higher education opportunities near me.  And so having a platform that was available 100% online was perfect for me to work and continue my lifestyle without having to commute really long distances to achieve my educational goals."  

April-Dawn Knudsen, Community Development Graduate

Still trying to decide? 

Check out the distance education readiness self-assessment.