Want a copy of the schedule? 

Download a copy of our conference agenda, uploaded March 22, 2019.  We will have a hard copy of this document for you when you check-in at the conference.

We are going paperless!

We will provide a one-page schedule with times and locations when you check-in at the conference.  Everything else will be in the Member Portal.  Be on the lookout for more information about going paperless.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

12:30-6:00 PM Faculty Learn Shop
5:00-7:00 PM

Early Registration Check-in
Stop by the registration table in the hotel lobby to pick up your conference materials, sign-up for a dine-around, and say hi to the management team.

Dinner on your own or with programs

  • Community Development, meet in the hotel lobby at 6 p.m.
Monday, April 1, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:15 PM

Registration check-in will be available throughout the day in the Ballroom Foyer

7:30-10:00 AM



A breakfast buffet will be served in the Pavilion Lobby from 8:15-9 AM for faculty coordinators and orientation attendees.

Breakfast Meetings

7:30-10 AM, Human Science Board Meeting
Room: Pavilion 3

A plated breakfast will be provided during this early-morning meeting.

9-10 AM, Alliance Orientation | Our Partnership 101
oom: Pavilion 1
New to the alliance? Join us for a breakfast session where first time meeting attendees and those new to the alliance will learn more about how we partner together to offer online, flexible, and affordable programs for virtual learners.

9-10 AM, Faculty Coordinator Breakfast | Partners in Progress
Room: Pavilion 2
This will be an opportunity for faculty coordinators to discuss best practices for spring meeting and their role throughout the year.  Check back for more information as the agenda for this meeting is developed.

9:30-10:00 AM

Beverage Break | Ballroom Foyer

Stop by the Ballroom Foyer to grab a coffee, tea, or soda before heading to your program meeting room.

10:00 AM-Noon

Moving Forward Together | Program Meetings

Community Development 8 AM-Noon (Suite 211)
Dietetics 10 AM-Noon (Room 216)
        Dept. Chair only, 10-10:30 AM (Pavilion 6)
        Chairs + Faculty, 10:30-11 AM (Room 216)
ECEMS 10 AM-Noon (Suite 217)
        Dept. Chairs only, 10-11 AM (Boardroom)
Family & Community Services 10 AM-Noon (Pavilion 1)
FCS Education 10 AM-Noon (Pavilion 2)
       Dept. Chairs only, 11 AM-Noon (Boardroom)
Gerontology 10 AM-Noon (Pavilion 5)
Merchandising 10 AM-Noon (Pavilion 7)
Youth Development 10 AM-Noon (Pavilion 3)

Campus Coordinator Meeting 10 AM-Noon (Rooftop Bar)

  • Strategic Plan Workshop
Noon-1:30 PM

EVERYONE ATTENDS | Luncheon Keynote in Salon 2
Partnering With Employers to Help Students Succeed
EAB's latest research will assist members in finding high-impact employer partners. 

  • Learn what setbacks keep universities from reaching best-fit partners. 
  • Learn to identify strategic partner prospects that can be expended into sustainable relationships. 
  • Learn to communicate the distinct value of higher education to potential employer partners.

Headshot of Max MilderPresented by:
Max Milder, EAB Consultant for the COE Forum

Learn more about Max on the EAB website.

1:45-4:15 PM

Programs and Chairs Meetings

Community Development 1:45-4:15 PM (Suite 211)
       Chairs + Faculty, 3:30-4:15 PM (Suite 211)
Dietetics 1:45-4:15 PM (Room 216)
ECEMS 1:45-4:15 PM (Suite 217)
       Chairs + Faculty, 3-3:30 PM (Suite 217)
Family and Community Services 1:45-4:15 PM (Pavilion 1)
       Dept. Chairs only, 2:30-3:30 PM (Boardroom)
       Chairs + Faculty, 3:30-4 PM (Pavilion 1)
Family Financial Planning 1:45-4:15 PM (Pavilion 6)
       Dept. Chairs only, 1:30-2:30 PM (Boardroom)
FCS Education 1:45-4:15 PM (Pavilion 2)
       Chairs + Faculty, 4-4:30 PM (Pavilion 2)
Gerontology 1:45-4:15 PM (Pavilion 5)
Merchandising 1:45-4:15 PM (Pavilion 7)
Youth Development 1:45-4:15 PM (Pavilion 3)

Campus Coordinator Meeting 1:45-4:15 PM (Rooftop Bar)

  • Strategic Plan Workshop
  • Best Practices Document Development
4:30-6:00 PM

EVERYONE ATTENDS | Celebrating Our Partnerships
Mini-Grant Presentations & Awards Reception
Room:  Rooftop Ballroom

  • Mini-grant recipients will provide updates on their projects using short video presentations made with PowToon.  This is an opportunity to learn more about the new and exciting projects your colleagues are working on.
  • Awards & recognition
    • Friend of Great Plains IDEA
    • Faculty Excellence Award
    • Great Idea Awards
6:30 PM Dine Arounds on the Plaza | All for One and Dinner for All

Join colleagues from across the country at a restaurant within walking distance of the hotel.  This is an informal opportunity to collaborate with faculty and staff from partner universities.

  • Sign-up for dine-arounds will be available at the conference near the registration table.
  • Restaurant choices include:
    • Kona Grill
    • Chuy's
    • The Granfalloon Restaurant & Bar
    • Hogshead Kansas City
6:30 PM & Beyond

Scheduled Dinners

  • Campus Coordinators, Jack Stack BBQ, 7:45 pm
  • ECEMS program faculty, Seasons 52
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

8:00-9:45 AM

EVERYONE ATTENDS | Team Work Makes the Dream Work
Breakfast & Presentations in Salon 2
Enjoy a delicious breakfast while celebrating our partnerships with students and the lead institution.

10:00 AM-Noon

Program and Chair Meetings

Community Development 10 AM-5 PM (Suite 211)
ECEMS 10 AM-5 PM (Suite 217)
Family & Community Services 10 AM-4 PM (Pavilion 1)
Family Financial Planning 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 6)
FCS Education 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 2)
Gerontology 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 5)
       Dept. Chairs only, 10-11 AM (Boardroom)
       Chairs + Faculty, 11:30 AM-Noon (Pavilion 5)
Merchandising 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 7)
Youth Development 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 3)
       Chairs + Faculty, 11-11:30 AM (Pavilion 3)

Campus Coordinator Meeting 10 AM-1:30 PM (Rooftop Bar)

  • Best Practices Document Development
  • Communications Timeline Review
  • Communications Templates
  • What's Next?

12:00-1:30 PM

Working Lunches | Boxed lunches available in the Ballroom Lobby beginning at Noon.

  • Partners in Progress: Department Chairs and Human Sciences Board in Salon 2
  • Programs and campus coordinators continue to meet

1:30-5:00 PM

Program and Chair Meetings

Community Development 10 AM-5 PM (Suite 211)
ECEMS 10 AM-5 PM (Suite 217)
Family & Community Services 10 AM-4 PM (Pavilion 1)
       FAM + YD Collaboration, 2:30 PM
Family Financial Planning 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 6)
       Chairs + Faculty, 2:30-3:30 PM (Pavilion 6)
FCS Education 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 2)
Gerontology 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 5)
Merchandising 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 7)
Youth Development 10 AM-5 PM (Pavilion 3)
       Dept. Chairs only, 1:30-2:30 PM (Boardroom)
       FAM + YD Collaboration, 2:30 PM

Next Great Idea Meeting 4:00-5:00 PM
Room:  Pavilion 1

5:00-7:00 PM

Human Sciences Board Dinner & Meeting
Location: American Slang Restaurant inside the hotel

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
8:00 AM-Noon

FCS Education 8 AM-Noon (Pavilion 2)