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2023-2024 Great Plains IDEA Student Excellence Award Recipients


Macy Burgess Headshot

Macy Burgess | Family & Community Services

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Reuel Drilon Headshot

Reuel Drilon | Gerontology

Texas Tech University

Alison Eddy Headshot

Alison Eddy | Dietetics

University of Kansas Medical Center

Andrew Isola Headshot

Andrew Isola | Community Development

Kansas State University

Shaun Libby Headshot

Shawn Libby | Youth Development

Michigan State University

Briana Libey Headshot


Briana Libey | Gerontology

Oklahoma State University


Kayla Limmer Headshot


Kayla Limmer | Family & Consumer Sciences Education

Texas Tech University


Akiko Mallow Headshot


Akiko Mallow | Family & Consumer Sciences Education

South Dakota State University


Janice Santiago headshot


Janice Santiago | Family & Community Services

University of Missouri


Shannon Spencer Headshot


Shannon Spencer | Agricultural Education

Kansas State University