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Renowned faculty from the online Early Care and Education for a Mobile Society (ECEMS) bachelor's degree completion program have put together informational briefs with best practices and activity ideas for early childhood classrooms and parents of young children.

Learn more about our online Early Care and Education for a Mobile Society (ECEMS) bachelor's completion degree. If you enjoy working with children and families in diverse populations and care deeply about improving the lives of others, this program is perfect for you!

Header Activities and Resources for Teachers and Parents of Young Children

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A drawing of a city scape with a street lamp.Activities for Children's Books: Last Stop on Market Street (PDF) Use Matt de la Pena's award-winning children's book titled Last Stop on Market Street to help children learn about the world around them. Choose from literacy and social studies activities, as well as a variety of follow-up activities.
Female infant sleeps peacefullyUnderstanding and Interacting with Young Infants (0-2 months) (PDF) Discover the best ways to interact with infants zero to two months old, including what you can do to help them, identify why infants cry, and what to expect from a quality caregiver.
Infant boy in overalls with blue striped shirt grasping a toy.jpgUnderstanding and Interacting with Young Infants (3-4 months) (PDF) Learn what to expect from infants three to four months old, including how to communicate with them, the activities they enjoy, and how they are developing their five senses.
Cartoon drawing of a boy and girl holding an over-sized pencil10 Ways to Promote Name Writing in the Classroom (PDF) Name writing is a valuable early literacy skill and we share some creative ways to promote children writing their names for meaningful purposes in the early childhood classroom.
Family riding in a car past tall hillsTraveling with Young Children (PDF) Travel with children can be challenging and parents may be tempted to just hand their child a phone or tablet. But with a little advanced preparation, the trip can be a fun learning experience -- no electronics needed!
Cartoon drawing of a girl and boy smiling from a teeter totterSupporting Children in Daily Transitions (PDF) Whether it's school drop-off or getting ready for bed, children sometimes struggle to move from one activity to another. Learn strategies to make transitions between daily routines fun for children.  
Drawing of a boy and girl under a treeNature Play Supports Children's Creativity (PDF)
Explore how children's creativity in nature encourages music and movement, dramatic play, and interaction with the visual arts.
Book cover of Leo Lionni's book Inch by InchActivities for Children's Books: Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni (PDF)
Use Leo Lionni's award-winning children's book Inch by Inch to support learning in early literacy, math, and science.

Campfire clipartFire Safety for  Young Children (PDF)

Utilize curriculum with developmentally appropriate educational methods and teach fire safety to young children.

Pumpkin clipartPumpkin Mania: Math & Science (PDF)

Learn hands-on math and science activities that can be done at the pumpkin patch or in early childhood classrooms.
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