The management team supports Great Plains IDEA through the implementation of board initiatives, program coordination, a centralized web presence, enrollment management, financial oversight, providing resources for student support and program and student data analysis.  

Meet the Management Team

Management team responsibilities include

  • Implementing alliance policies
  • Invoicing member universities
  • Coordinating Great Plains IDEA functional teams and department chairs
  • Coordinating program assessment
  • Overseeing faculty and student annual recognition
  • Facilitating course scheduling, enrollment and the wait list
  • Supporting campus coordinators and managing ExpanSIS operations
  • Providing oversight of co-branding efforts and common values-based marketing language
  • Overseeing web development and maintenance of the centralized alliance website
  • Providing access to best practices documentation/resources and marketing training to our member institutions to keep program webpages and marketing efforts consistent and cutting edge
  • Organizing the annual spring meeting where the alliance community collaborates
  • Facilitating instructional enhancement initiatives