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Sherri Jones

Jones, Sherri
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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
105 Human Sciences Building
Lincoln, NE 68583-0800

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Sherri Jones is the dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences at University of Nebraska--Lincoln. Prior to her appointment as dean, She served as the chair of the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders and director of the Barkley Memorial Center for seven years. 

Her research interests include the influence of genetic and/or environmental factors that may affect auditory and vestibular development and aging. Jones is also interested in the roles the vestibular system may play in physiological homeostasis and how vestibular deficits may influence other systems such as the autonomic, cardiovascular, and skeletal motor systems. Clinical research is examining the underlying mechanisms of dizziness and imbalance related to blast or blunt head trauma on vestibular and oculomotor function. Her lab developed vestibular evoked potentials for use as a clinical test of the vestibular system with the goal to ultimately lead to better diagnosis and treatment of dizziness.

Jones has taught a variety of courses in areas related to her research such as applied neurophysiology, hearing science, auditory physiology, assessment and management of vestibular disorders, and embryology and genetics of hearing impairment. Since joining UNL, she has taught genetic basis of communication and learning, seminar in audiology, and auditory electrophysiological assessment.

Prior to arriving at UNL, Jones held faculty positions at East Carolina University and the University of Missouri. 


Ph.D. in Audiology/Hearing Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1994
M.S. in Audiology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1987
B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1985