How the AG IDEA Exchange Works

How It Works

The AG IDEA Exchange is a request driven process, allowing universities who are not current AG IDEA partners to request access to either a particular course or specific content. If a university has a specific course or instructor in mind - excellent! We will work to make that collaboration as seamless as possible. If a course has not be identified and the request is for specific content, we will work to find an appropriate course match for the needs of your university. 

The Exchange allows universities to:

  • Maximize resources
  • Enhance degree programs
  • Assess demand for new course content
  • Fill instructor vacancies as needed

The Exchange allows your students to access courses taught by AG IDEA member-universities to fill a gap in curriculum or test a new topic. Through the Exchange, students are not required to transfer credits or be part of a formal AG IDEA program.

Students enroll at their home university, pay the AG IDEA common price for tuition to their home university, and earn credit from their home university. Grades are assigned by the teaching university and transcribed by the student’s home university.