Master's Degree

Core Courses

Foundations and History of Agriculture and Extension Education

Philosophical Foundations of Agricultural and Extension Education provides an overview of the development of agricultural and extension education in the United States by examining the significant educational philosophies, historical events, scientific innovations, legislation and policy shaping agricultural and extension education today.

Research Methods in Agricultural Education

This graduate-level course will focus on applying the principles, practices, and strategies for conducting research in the social sciences, particularly dealing with the interface of the human dimension in the agricultural and natural sciences.

Qualitative Design

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Advanced Teaching Methods

This course focuses on concepts, methods,strategies and learning theories relevant for both formal and nonformal education settings. The course will address the relationship between teaching methods and the learning experience in food, agricultural, and natural resources contexts.

Teaching Methods for Beginning Teachers

Course description coming soon.

Program Planning for Schools in Ag Education

Program Planning focuses on the specifics of the planning end of the Program Planning and Evaluation process. Emphasis is placed on the principles, theories, and skills of the program processes including planning, designing, implementing an educational program.

Program Planning in Ag & Extension Education

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Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation focuses on the specifics of the evaluation end of the Program Planning and Evaluation process. Emphasis is placed on the principles, theories, and skills of the program evaluation process including measuring, and communicating program impact of an educational program.

Assessing Learning in Agricultural Education

This graduate level course is designed to develop an understanding and application of assessment relevant to agricultural education. Students develop, administer, and analyze formal, informal, and performance assessment techniques to monitor and evaluate student learning and guide modification.

Interpreting Social Data (Statistics)

Course description coming soon.

Curriculum Development

Course description coming soon.

Adult Education and Programs

Course description coming soon.

Working with Diverse Students

Course description coming soon.

Leadership and Management of Volunteers

Course description coming soon.

Leadership Ethics & Culture

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Foundations and Theory of Leadership

Course description coming soon.

Leadership Analysis Through Film

Films are a catalyst" (Clemens, 1999). They make you laugh, cry, cheer, and think. Flaum (2002) stated leadership is best learned in the leadership moment. Moreover, the principles of Andragogy advocate adult learners best learning when there is a practical application of the learning subject. Therefore, this course builds upon the study of leadership theory by allowing students to analyze, reflect, synthesize, and apply leadership theories, models and concepts in the context of film. The course materials encourage students to reflect, synthesize, analyze, and apply the information learned from major leadership theories and apply them to various scenarios and situations demonstrated in selected films.

Foundations of Ag Communications

Course description coming soon.

Theory in Ag Communication

Course description coming soon.

Technical Communication

Course focused on audience identification, writing, editing, and production of social science-based materials for publication; emphasis on thesis writing, research manuscript development, and grantsmanship. Principles include communicating information relevant to human subject research in agriculture, natural resources, and life sciences to the general public, research peers and funding agencies.

Proposal Development

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Risk & Crisis Communication

Course description coming soon.

Scientific Communication

Course description coming soon.

Online Media

Course description coming soon.

Graphic Design

Course description coming soon.

Experiential Learning

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Technological Change

Course description coming soon.
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2018-2019: $580
2018-2019: $580

30–36 Hours

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