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Career Resources

Students pursue online degrees for many reasons: to get an edge in the job market, to change careers, or to advance in their career field.  No matter where you are in the process, these tools can help:

  • Resume. A typical resume includes your name, contact information, list of degrees or certificates, educational institutions or programs, and names of companies or organizations where you have worked.  A resume also includes job titles, duties performed, and skills acquired. 
  • Curriculum Vitae. A typical curriculum vitae, also called a CV, provides a detailed overview of your life’s accomplishments, especially those related to academia.  The CV may include name and contact information, academic areas of interest, list of degrees earned or in progress, institutions and years of graduation, as well as listing the title of your dissertation or thesis.  A CV also provides information about publications, presentations, employment, and scholarly or professional memberships. 
  • Cover Letter. Use a cover letter to expand on experiences and skills listed in a resume or CV.  The cover letter is an opportunity to highlight achievements, skills, and experience that make you an ideal candidate for a job.
  • Online Portfolio. Job seekers today may use technology to highlight work and accomplishments, and provide more information about themselves to potential employers.


These resources provide further insight into creating a resume, CV, online portfolio, and cover letter.

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Career Services:

Each university offers career services.  Please visit your home university website to learn more about what is available to you.