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Military and Veterans Resources

Our member universities have resources available for military-connected students.  Find contact information for your home university's Military & Veteran's Affairs office.

Resources at Your Home University

Getting Started for Military-Connected Students

Step 1: Select Your Program and Home University

To get started, first select your program of interest; each program is offered by a select group of our member universities. You can select any of the universities offering your program as your home university, which is the institution from which you will receive your diploma. These online programs are only offered through Great Plains IDEA, so when you enroll at your home university, you will automatically be placed in the appropriate program and receive the common price tuition.

Step 2: Contact the Military & Veterans Affairs Office at Your Home University 

The Military & Veterans Affairs Office at your home university will assist you with applying for and making the most of your benefits.  View our military resources page for direct links to offices at each of our member universities. 

Step 3: Submit Your University Application

Apply for admission at your selected home university. The application process looks a little different at each university. However, most universities require applicants to submit the following as part of their application:

  • An application form specific to the university
  • Official transcripts verifying previous college credits, if applicable
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement about goals or professional experience

Explore your home university's admission requirements.

Step 4: Submit Additional Program Requirements

Program admission requirements vary by university, and some Great Plains IDEA member universities have additional steps in their admission processes. After completing your general application for admission at your home university, your next step is to review the specific program requirements for your selected degree or certificate program. To ensure you are meeting these requirements, contact your campus coordinator for additional information.

Step 5: Follow Up!

Check with your home university admissions office and the department that houses your academic program to be sure all application materials arrived. This keeps you on track to get started!

Transfer Credit Eligibility

In addition to traditional admission options, Great Plains IDEA member universities provide a pathway for you to receive credit from past coursework, allowing you to save on tuition and shorten your time to program completion. You are able to petition for credits to be transferred through a formal approval process, aligning with the transfer credit limits of your home university.

Ask Questions!

Contact campus coordinators for more information about programs and faculty. The campus coordinators can assist you through Great Plains IDEA processes and connect you to distance education resources at your university.

These are some questions you may want to ask when speaking with your campus coordinator:

  • What will my degree title be?  What can I do with this degree?
  • What are the faculty researching? What are their specialties?
  • What are the admission requirements? Is the GRE required?
  • How long will it take to get admitted?
  • Will my program have a culminating experience (report, project, or thesis)?

Read this helpful article to learn additional questions that are important to ask when choosing an online program. 


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