Getting Started | Military-Connected Students

Military and Veterans Resources

Our member universities have resources available for military-connected students.  View resource links and information.

Getting Started for Military-Connected Students

Step 1: Choose your program.

Visit our programs webpage to learn more about what we have to offer. Note which universities offer your chosen program.

Step 2: Choose your home university.

Your home university is where you will enroll, pay tuition, and earn your degree or certificate. Visit the member universities' webpage to learn more about your options.

Step 3: Contact your campus coordinator.

The campus coordinator at your home university is your liaison to all things Great Plains IDEA. Campus coordinators know where to find answers.

Step 4: Contact the Military & Veterans Affairs Office. 

The Military & Veterans Affairs Office at your home university will assist you with applying for and making the most of your benefits.  View our military resources page to connect with people who can help.  

Step 5: Complete your applications for university and program admission. 

Visit our Getting Started page for instructions and direct links to university online applications.