Spirit Awards

Show Us Your Conference Spirit!

Participants in this year's virtual conference nominated colleagues (or themselves!) for a number of fun, goofy awards. 

Award winners will be acknowledged in the following day's Daily Update conference newsletter and photos of all nominations can be seen in our conference photo book

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Monday's Awards Include

  • Picasso Award: Best Zoom Background
  • Snack Queen or King: Best On-Screen Munchies
  • Neatest Nook Award: Most Unique Conference "Office"
  • 4:00 PM Star Award: Most End-of-Day Energy


Tuesday's Awards Include

  • Hat’s Off Award: Most Stand-Out Cap
  • Best in Show Award: Most “Engaged” Pet
  • Best Amateur Bar Tender Award: Craftiest Cocktail Flair During Recruitment on the Rocks
  • Brady Bunch Family Photo Award: Most Entertaining Zoom Meeting Screenshot