Cost & Financial Assistance | Student Handbook

A Common Tuition

Great Plains IDEA courses are offered at a common price per credit hour referred to within the alliance as "the common price." The common price is reviewed annually by the Great Plains IDEA Financial Officers Team and approved by the Cabinet.  Learn more about the current common price.

The common price:

  • May be adjusted on an annual basis
  • May be higher or lower than regular tuition at the home university
  • Includes all fees, distance delivery costs, and other such “add-ons” common for distance education. No additional fees shall be charged by any participating university. Textbooks and other material and administrative costs (such as application fees, late enrollment, or late payment fees) may be assessed by the home university.

Proctored Exams

The instructor of a Great Plains IDEA course may require that examinations be proctored. The polices of the teaching university in identifying and securing the services of a qualified exam proctor will be followed. Any fees associated with proctoring services will be the responsibility of the student.

Onsite Components

If there is an onsite component of a course, e.g. field experience and/or laboratory experience, included in the curriculum, any additional fees and travel-associated expenses incurred in attending the required onsite experience will be the full responsibility of the student and must be fully disclosed to the student prior to their course selection and enrollment.

Student Financial Assistance

Students may be eligible for financial assistance through their home university. Consult your home university’s Office of Financial Assistance for details about how to apply. Campus coordinators can provide contact information if needed.

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