Person of Concern Policy | Student Handbook

Person of Concern Policy

The participating universities in the Great Plains IDEA are committed to the health and well-being of all students, faculty, and staff members and addressing the needs of persons of concern in a timely and effective manner.

Who is a Person of Concern?

A person of concern is any student, faculty, or staff member whose behavior may impact their ability or the ability of others to be successful in the university or online learning environment.

The Process

Well-being plays an important role in the success of all students taking courses through Great Plains IDEA, as well as all faculty and staff members who work within the alliance.  When someone is concerned about the actions or behavior of a student, faculty, or staff member, the members of the alliance agree to the following procedures.

  1. The student, faculty, or staff member with a concern should contact the person’s home university department chair or the Great Plains IDEA management team.
  2. The home university department chair should then follow their home university policy, whether that be contacting the Office of Student Life, appropriate office/department, or the university’s human resources. 
  3. The home university department chair should confirm with the initiating faculty, staff member, or student that a report has been filed and someone has been in contact with the person of concern.

Life-Threatening Situations

See the Emergency Contact Information below.

Mental Health Resources

For additional mental health resources visit the Life and Health section of the Student Success Center.

Emergency Contact Information

In life-threatening situations contact 911.  For all other emergencies contact a campus police department.

University of Arkansas 479-575-2222
Auburn University 334-844-0911
California State University, Chico 530-898-5555
Central Washington University 509-963-2959
Clemson University 864-656-2222
Colorado State University 970-491-6425
University of Georgia 706-542-2200
Iowa State University 515-294-4428
University of Kansas Medical Center 913-588-5030
Kansas State University 785-532-6412
Michigan State University 517-355-2221
University of Missouri 573-882-7201
Montana State University 406-994-2121
University of Nebraska - Lincoln 402-472-2222
North Carolina State University 919-515-3000
North Dakota State University 701-231-8998
Oklahoma State University 405-744-6523
South Dakota State University 605-688-5117
Texas Tech University 806-742-3931