Enrollment | Student Handbook


Students enroll in courses at their home university according to home university enrollment dates. Your campus coordinator can provide you with the enrollment dates, course numbers, and other important details. Be sure to check the course planner and information pages often for course specific details and scheduling. Information is updated regularly. 

Drop and Refund Information

If you need to drop a course, you must notify these individuals:

  • Your home university campus coordinator
  • The teaching university campus coordinator
  • The instructor of the course

Refunds are based on the policies of your home university. 


Several Great Plains IDEA  programs utilize a waitlist to establish priorities for enrollment. These program students receive first enrollment priority followed by non-program students. Find the upcoming priority enrollment deadlines. Contact your campus coordinator for questions related to the waitlist. 

You might be added to the waitlist for one of four reasons:

  • The course is full, and we need the teaching university’s permission to add more students.
  • The priority enrollment deadline has passed.
  • You are admitted to a Great Plains IDEA program, but you wish to enroll in a course offered through a different program.
  • You are not admitted to a Great Plains IDEA program. 

Learn more about enrollment from our Enrollment FAQs.