Student Code of Conduct | Student Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

All students in the Great Plains IDEA community have a responsibility to behave in a manner that does not interfere with the duties and rights of others in the class. In instances when a student does not meet these expectations, the policies of the student’s home institution should be utilized, with cooperation from the partner (teaching) institution, as appropriate. In those cases in which a complaint is brought by a faculty member against a student who is enrolled at a partner institution, the following steps should be taken: 

  • Faculty member notify his/her university GPIDEA board member and department chair or campus coordinator if there is no board member (teaching institution);
    • Concerned parties at the teaching institution should consult the alliance office for appropriate individuals to contact at the student’s home institution.
  • The teaching institution board member or campus coordinator should contact some or all of the following as appropriate in accordance with the alliance policies and procedures:
    • Department chair at the student’s home institution
    • Student’s academic advisor at his/her home institution
    • The faculty member of record for the class at the student’s home institution
    • Great Plains IDEA board member from the student’s home institution
    • Dean at the student’s home institution
    • Graduate Dean
  • If the issue cannot be resolved or the behavior continues, the two Great Plains IDEA board members should use the policies and procedures of the student’s home institution to deal with the situation.
  • Any disciplinary sanctions imposed will be in accordance with the student’s home university policies and procedures.