• How long will it take to earn my degree?

    Most online students take one to two classes per semester. To complete a master’s degree online, students typically take two-and-a-half to three years. To complete a bachelor’s degree online, students may take longer since universities require more credit hours for undergraduate degrees.

    The time to complete a degree depends on financial aid requirements, family commitments, total credit hours required for your degree, the workload at your job and unexpected life events.

  • How do I know what programs are offered?

    Great Plains IDEA offers certificates and degrees in two academic areas: human sciences and agriculture. View a list of our programs.

  • How do I plan my course schedule?

    Your academic advisor knows the requirements for your program and helps you create a plan for degree completion. The course planner, our interactive planning tool, shows you a four-year projected schedule of courses for your program. In addition, each program provides a list of upcoming courses with detailed descriptions on this website.

  • Who are the typical students in Great Plains IDEA programs?

    Great Plains IDEA students are people like you who want a high quality education. They may be professionals advancing their careers to the next level. They may be recent graduates earning a master’s degree or certificate while working full time. They may be people who have been away from school or the workforce who want to upgrade skills or want a career change. Some students are in the military and also taking classes. Some are spouses of military service members, and they need degree programs they can complete anytime, anywhere.

  • Is it possible to work full time while earning a degree through Great Plains IDEA?

    Yes, many of our students balance work, school, family and fun. Hear from Great Plains IDEA Students  about working while taking online college courses. You can also visit our Student Success Center for advice on how to manage your time, fine-tune your study skills and much more.

  • What happens if I need to take a break from the program? Can I resume at a later date?

    Some students do take a break. Visit with your campus coordinator or academic advisor to learn how a stop-out works at your home university.

  • How do I drop a course?

    Notify your home university campus coordinator, the teaching university campus coordinator and the course instructor if you need to drop a course. Policies of your home university determine refunds.

  • What student services are available to me?

    Each university has a campus coordinator who guides students through processes like admissions, enrollment and graduation. Through your home university you have access to an online library system, information technology support services, a financial aid office, disability support services and military or veteran support services. Visit the Great Plains IDEA Student Success Center for advice about time management, online discussion board postings, writing an academic paper, searching for a job and much more.

  • How do my instructors know of disability accommodations I need during their courses?

    Start by contacting your home university Disability Support Services Office. Obtaining disability accommodations and services is a student-driven process. It is a confidential process. Each semester you need accommodations, you need to re-engage your home university Disability Support Services Office. Learn more about Disability Support Services through the Student Handbook.