• How do I access my online courses?

    Students access Great Plains IDEA courses through the Learning Management System (LMS) used by the teaching university. The LMS is your virtual classroom for the semester. Once you enroll, the teaching university campus coordinator provides instructions for accessing their LMS and your course.

  • When do I need to be online for class?

    Our online courses are nearly all asynchronous, which means you won’t need to be online at a specific day and time each week. Although you complete coursework when it’s convenient for you, a course is rarely self-paced. Instructors usually set weekly deadlines. Review the course schedule each week and note all due dates. It is your responsibility to fit school work into your schedule. While opportunities to work ahead might occur, you may not have access to the entire course at once. Instructors often group material into one or two week modules, making course work available one module at a time.

  • How are faculty expectations of online students different than those of on-campus students?

    While your instructor is in charge of giving you materials to help you learn, you are responsible for your learning whether online or face-to-face. In online courses, you communicate your ideas to instructors and fellow students generally through email or discussion board posts. Expect to keep up with readings so that you can contribute to online discussions. Faculty still expect online students to think critically and creatively in class activities, to do honest work, to meet deadlines and to respect others in the class the same as they would in on-campus classes.

  • As an online student, do I receive a physical student ID card?

    It depends on your home university if you get a physical student ID card. Most universities do not automatically provide student ID cards when usernames are issued. Follow up with your campus coordinator to see how you can go about getting a student ID card at your home university.

  • How many usernames am I going to have?

    Some students have as few as two or three usernames, while others have as many as five or six. The number is based on the number of teaching universities you access in your program. To help you remember usernames, we offer this fillable Course Login Tracking Sheet . When in doubt about a Learning Management System username, contact the teaching university campus coordinator  for assistance.

  • Am I ever required to come to campus?

    All courses are taught online. You may choose to travel to campus for the optional graduation ceremony.

  • Where do I purchase my textbooks?

    If your courses require textbooks, you may purchase them through your home university bookstore, from an online vendor or at a bookstore near you. Find the title, author and international standard book number (ISBN) on our website on the course description page.

  • What about a graduation ceremony when I complete the program?

    You may travel to your home university to participate in the on-campus commencement ceremonies. If travel is not an option for you, many universities live stream graduation ceremonies. Some institutions provide a virtual commencement for distance students. Ask your campus coordinator about graduation options for distance students at your home university.