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Spring 2022 Course Information
Plant Pathology

Course Description
Historical significance and development of plant pathology as a science and profession; the disease cycle; the affect of pathogens on the physiology of plants; the most current developments in the genetics of plant disease; how pathogens attack plants, and the mechanisms of plant defense and the affect of environmental factors on the development of plant disease will be taught. Additionally, plant disease epidemiology, mechanisms and treatments for the control of plant diseases and environmental factors that cause disease will be learned. Major diseases caused by fungi, prokaryotes, parasitic plants, viruses, nematodes, and flagellated protozoan; their pathogens, disease cycles, damage caused, prevention, and physical characteristics for identification will be examined.

Paul Twigg
Office: 308-865-8315

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Plant Pathology 5th Edition
George Agrios
Edition: 5th edition
ISBN: 9780080473789
Publisher: Academic Press

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eBook ISBN: 9780080473789
Hardcover ISBN: 9780120445653
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