How to Develop Program Testimonials

Webinar: Developing Program Testimonials

This webinar was presented on Thursday, June 28, 2018.


About the webinar:

Testimonials are an essential component of any strategy to convert prospects to enrolled students. Absent a friend or colleague who has attended a continuing education program, prospective students rely on testimonials for approval from a person like them. In this webinar, EAB will discuss best practices to solicit and present testimonials from students, alumni, employers, and faculty.

About the presenter:

This webinar was presented by Tess Wallenstein, the senior market research manager at the Education Advisory Board (EAB).  Great Plains IDEA has been a member of EAB since 2015.

More about Continuing and Online Education (COE) Forum of EAB:  Serving today's adult learners and working professionals has never been more important -- or more challenging.  The COE Forum of EAB provides employer-focused market research, marketing and recruiting strategy studies, and implementation resources to help you compete in an increasingly crowded market and support institutional completion goals.