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Episode 3 (28:05)

In this episode, the team at Great Plains IDEA brings together faculty advisors and students to help everyone better understand how academic advising and career advising can enhance online graduate student success.  Our guest expert is Kimberly Smith, assistant provost of academic advising initiatives at Virginia Tech University. Also in this episode, we will answer listener questions, take a closer look at some of the misconceptions about academic advising, learn about other types of advising, and share helpful resources.  

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Use this worksheet and resources to help you connect your academic, professional, and life experiences.

Developing Your Resume

Key Questions this Episode will Answer

  • What is career advising and how does it relate to academic advising? (8:09)
  • How can students take ownership of career advising? (16:20 & 23:05)
  • What do academic advisors need to know about being a career influencer? (11:13)
  • What is a career development plan? How do academic advisors and graduate students work together to develop this plan? (18:40)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode


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