Alumni Focus: Steven Goetsch | Get Online...

Episode 5 (28:32)

In this episode, we hear from Steven Goetsch, a graduate of the Great Plains IDEA Online Family and Community Services Master's Degree program. Steve shares how he developed grit in the U.S. Air Force, why he's passionate about helping military servicemen and women transition to civilian life, and the importance of self-care for students. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and works for Veteran's Affairs.

Download the transcript for episode 5 (PDF)

Key Points in this Episode

  • Who is Steven Goetsch? (1:26)
  • How did you develop your grit and persistence? (2:27)
  • Why taking a break from school is a trap (4:55)
  • We can do better (8:06) (8:31)
  • The MISSION Act (8:31)
  • The focus of his capstone project (9:31)
  • Online Family and Community Services Master’s Degree Program (13:14)
  • Have you implemented your idea from the capstone project? (14:28)
  • Why did you pick family and community services for your graduate degree? (17:23)
  • What were the tough parts of graduate school? And what advice do you have for students currently in school? (23:33)
  • What’s next for Steve? (25:28)


Music Used:  “Storybook” by Scott Holmes is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0