Student Services: Navigating the University from a Distance | Get Online...

Episode 8 (30:11)

In this episode, we learn about a successful student services model in which one distance education coordinator works closely with faculty to support students from start to finish. The partnership developed between faculty member Meghan Gillette and campus coordinator Katie Mott allows them to help learners navigate their graduate program smoothly. The two have implemented recruitment and retention strategies and credit their commitment to students as the key to making it all work. 

Key Questions this Episode will Answer

  • What does a partnership look like between a distance education coordinator and a faculty member? (1:52)
  • Online students have challenges because they are not physically on campus. What are some of the biggest challenges? (4:38)
  • How do you communicate with prospective students at the very beginning of the application process? (9:19)
  • How have you removed barriers in application and admissions processes for your program? (13:53)
  • How do you communicate with students once they are in the program? (20:20)
  • How do you create a community for your students? (24:02)
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to online learners? (25:58)


Music Used:  “Storybook” by Scott Holmes is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0