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Episode 9 (29:36)

In this episode, Dr. Tammy Shelton helps us pull back the curtain in online learning to better understand what goes into it from a teacher's perspective, as well as what learners should expect and even demand from their education.  We will learn the difference between online and remote learning, hybrid versus high flex, and explore the future of higher education in its new normal. 

Tammy is teaming up with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to provide a webinar on effective remote and online teaching. This interview is a sneak peek of some of the topics Tammy and the panel will cover during the webinar. Learn more about the free webinar.

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Key Questions this Episode will Answer

  • What is the difference between online learning and remote learning? (2:36)
  • How are institutions approaching the shift to online learning because of the pandemic? What seems to be working the best? (5:24)
  • What is the difference between “high flex” and “hybrid”? (8:35)
  • How can we help listeners understand the process and level of difficulty that comes with pivoting to online learning? (10:48)
  • What could higher education look like after the pandemic is over? What will our new normal be? (17:07)
  • What is a micro-credential? (18:47)
  • What’s the most important takeaway for faculty? (23:48)
  • What’s the most important takeaway for students who are or are thinking about becoming online learners? (26:28)


Free Webinar on October 8, 2020, at 2 p.m CT

Brought to you by our friends at CAEL. A panel of experts will present Effective Remote and Online Learning for Adult Learners: Taking online learning to the next level of excellence. This one-hour webinar is free but registration is required. Simply go to the CAEL Membership webpage, scroll down to the October 8th webinar information, and click on the registration link. 

  • Who should attend? Full and Part-Time Faculty, Chief Academic Officers, Academic Deans, and Academic Program Directors
  • Questions about the webinar? Email Jeannie McCarron


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