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Master's Degree - Dietetics
Credit hours to complete degree: 36
Last Updated: 5/16/2022 4:01 pm

Core Courses 9 credit hours

Elective Courses 21 - 24 credit hours

Elective Courses Course or Instructor Availability by Year and Semester
Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy3Brittney SlyGena WollenbergBrittney SlyGena WollenbergCSUOSUCSU
Advanced Human Nutrition: Macronutrients3Yeong RheeYeong RheeNDSUNDSU
Advanced Nutrition: Nutrigenomics, Nutrigenetics & Advanced Lipid Metabolism in Human Nutrition3Erica DaniellErica DaniellCSUCSU
Clinical Aspects of Nutrition Support3Jeannine GoetzMandy CorriganKUMCKUMC
Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy3Emily NewboldLinda YarrowKUMCKSU
Dietary & Herbal Supplements3Mandali SwarnaMandali SwarnaKUMCKUMC
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice3Deborah CanterKSU
Food Culture3Jeffrey MillerCSU
Foundations of Leadership in Dietetics3Nicholas MarchelloLindsey ThompsonKUMCKUMC
Functional Foods in Chronic Disease Prevention3Weiqun WangKSU
Grantwriting for the Professional3Christina Campbell
International Nutrition and World Hunger3Danielle ChristifanoKUMCKUMC
Maternal and Child Nutrition3Danielle ChristifanoKSUKUMC
Micronutrients in Human Nutrition3Melinda BoydMelinda BoydMelinda BoydMelinda BoydSDStateSDStateSDStateSDState
Nutrition: A Focus on Life Stages3Sarah HortmanSarah HortmanSarah HortmanUNLUNL
Nutritional Aspects of Oncology3ISU
Nutrition Counseling & Education Methods3Linda YarrowKSU
Nutrition Education in the Community3Ashley RosenoNDSU
Nutrition Epidemiology3Richard RosenkranzKSU
Nutrition & Human Performance3Elizabeth DrokeElizabeth DrokeElizabeth DrokeSDState
Nutrition & Immunology3Elizabeth DrokeElizabeth DrokeSDState
Nutrition and Physical Activity in Aging3Barbara StoeckerBarbara Stoecker
Nutrition & Physical Activity Assessment3Lacey McCormackSDState
Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders3Beth HarrellBeth HarrellKUMC
Nutrition & Wellness3Elizabeth HilliardNDSU
Obesity Across the Lifespan3Jeannine GoetzFelicia StegerKUMC
Pediatric Clinical Nutrition3L. Maria AhMuL. Maria AhMuKUMC
Public Health Nutrition3Nicholas MarchelloLacey McCormackAdrianne Griebel-ThompsonSDStateKUMCSDStateKUMC

Practicum/Creative Component/ Thesis 3 - 6 credit hours

Required or elective courses such as creative components, directed studies, practica, research and theses are available through your home university. Consult with your academic advisor about course selection and scheduling. 

Practicum/Creative Component/ Thesis Course or Instructor Availability by Year and Semester
Independent Study in Dieteticsmultiple universitiesmultiple universitiesmultiple universitiesmultiple universitiesmultiple universitiesmultiple universities