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Master's Degree - Family and Community Services
Credit hours to complete degree: 36
Last Updated: 7/27/2021 4:00 pm

Core Courses 30 credit hours

All students are required to complete 36 credit hours including the ten core courses in this section. All core courses are offered twice a year.

The following is a suggested course sequence for specific classes. Please talk to your advisor for further input on course sequencing and selection.

  • The Foundations and Principles course should be taken in the first or second semester of the program.
  • Parenting Education and/or Interpersonal Relationships and/or Lifespan Development prior to taking Family Dynamics
  • Program Design, Evaluation and Implementation and Program Administration and Management should be taken at the end of the program, preferably one in each of your final semesters.
  • Talk to your academic advisor at your home university about the capstone project that will happen in the final semester.

Elective Courses

Elective course topics vary each semester. Consult your academic advisor when selecting electives. Note: topic area and teaching university is subject to change in future offerings. 

Practicum/Independent Study 1 - 6 credit hours

Required or elective courses such as creative components, directed studies, practica, research, and theses are available through your home university. Consult with your academic advisor about course selection and scheduling.