Master's Degree
Credit hours to complete degree: 36
Last Updated: 8/17/2019 9:01 am

Core Courses 28 credit hours

Students must complete 28 credit hours from the list of core courses, plus an additional 8 credit hours of elective courses.  The 8 credit hours may include a combination of Contemporary Youth Issues courses and/or Practicum/Independent Study/Research experiences.  Consult your academic advisor for information specific to your home university requirements.

Contemporary Youth Issues

Students are required to completed at least three credits of Contemporary Youth Issues course work for degree completion.  Consult your academic advisor for requirements specific to your home university.  

Topics and teaching universities are subject to change in future offerings. 

Practicum/Independent Study/Research

Some culminating opportunities such as creative components, directed studies, practica, research projects, comprehensive exams, and/or theses may be available through your home university, but not all participating universities require such experiences for degree completion. Discuss the availability and/or requirement of such options with your academic advisor at your home university.